Edge printing on 3880

I am finding that if I check the fit print box in QTR the 3880 printer will print to within 1/8 in of the borders. However when I try to overlay with GO, the printer fails to cover up to 3/4 in of the borders. How close can I print to the borders with a print and still get GO full coverage. There must be an optical sensor for print edge that is confused by the black edge of the print.

The 3880s do not exhibit this problem in our labs at cone editions. We are able to print to 1/8th inch for the ink an 1/8th inch for the Gloss Optimizer.

Are you using Print Tool and OS X or PC? We are on OS X . When using Print Tool on OS X you don’t have to have anything in the print box (not white image). It does the full sheet with 1/8 inch border.


I am using PC win10 and printing with QTR GUI. If I print GO on a blank white sheet it prints to 1/8 in of edge. If I print over a B&W print that goes to 1/8 edge, the GO overlay leaves a 3/4 in blank area along top and bottom???

Also the white sheet and the B&W print are the same size and resolution, and I check the fit print box.

I suggest turning sheet size sensor off on the printer panel.


I widened the edge space on the print to .25, but for the GO overlay left the fit box checked. That fixed it. The print goes to 1/4 in of the edges, but the GO overlay goes to 1/8 of the edges with a 1/8 in overlap of the print. Obviously the 3880 paper edge sensors are optical and not too smart. What can one expect for $1200.

Thanks Walter, for the response about sensor turn off, I might try that also