Easy Fill keys & new capsures not reconized by 1430

(I did see a similar thread here for the 1400, but the discussion did not quite relate to my situation.)

I have a history of three successful installs of Easy Fill carts for this printer, and several days ago my third set exhibited an empty yellow cartridge. So I broke out my fourth set and only the Y cart showed as full. I made sure all carts were seated so they clicked, I wiped the contacts gently with a Qtip and disillted water, I powered down the printer and back on again. Interesting that the graphic showed that all carts were Genuine Epson carts, so that was good news.

Should I try manually resetting the five carts? I do have the IJM resetter, it has performed flawlessly with IJM carts on my 1400. As in the other post I mentioned, not sure if the Easy Fill carts’ pins will line up with the resetter.

Any suggestions would be most welcome. TIA!

Edit: To be precise, the five carts are recognized, ie there is no red x over them. I understand the red x means unrecognized. But they show as almost empty.

you can reset these with the resetter.


Thanks, Walker. I’m embarrassed, could have figured that out myself.

Say, did you see my post about EasyFill CL carts? Just wondering…

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