Easy Cut Lines for Printing with Rolls - P6000

When using a roll printer such as the P6000, let’s say I want to make a print on 11x14 paper, and float the image with any given border. If I print from LR it will make cut lines around the image area itself, but it doesn’t seem to allow me to put the cut lines around the paper size I’m targeting.

A better example would be someone ordering square images on 8x10 paper. Let’s say I wanted to make a group all at once. I want to cut out the 8x10 sheets, not the square image within the 8x10 sheets. Any tips on how to do this easily? Or is this purely the territory of RIP software, something I’m trying to avoid.

Enlarge the canvas size to the final cut size you want, then that becomes the image size and cut marks will be placed accordingly. Take care to be sure the image is placed on the canvas exactly where you want it.


Sure but what about when I’m trying to nest images? It seems like within a 24" roll size I should be able to nest a number of 8x10 say canvases and still place images within those individual canvas sizes. I could in theory do this in PS but it would take a ton of time.

So far I’ve tried the demo version on Image Nest and LR.

I dunno - I don’t do that - I don’t use Lightroom either. And nesting is not mentioned in your original question. I’ve done what I described a few times in Ps though it’s been a while. Seems like I’ve seen templates for that sort of thing, but I have no use for it so didn’t really pay much attention.

If you are on Mac, Print-Tool might be useful. It has layout features, though I’ve not used it the way you are wanting to. I use Print-Tool for just about everything.

There is also QImage, which I think has more sophisticated layout capabilities. It was originally Windows only, but there is a Mac version now as well. I have no experience with QImage other than reading about it.

Sorry I can’t be of more help.