Dye replacement for VM only?

Hello! This might be a very odd-ball thought, but I’d like some feedback.

I have a R2880 and a 3880 that refuse to print VM. On the R2880 at least, it will print PF just fine, but won’t print at all with ConeColor Pro VM. I was wondering how much color shift I will get if I use InkThrift Pro VM in that channel only? What if I used ITCL? I have another 3880 with is working just fine which I can use for color-accurate stuff; I’d just like to be able to print less color-sensitive work with the other two printers. I’ve read that it’s the cyan that really fades in ITP, so if the VM is a good enough match to CC VM, hopefully a drop-in replacement will give decent color and life…?

I’m also disappointed that you got rid of the 220mL size for ITP. I’m not keen in investing $400 for short-term-only ink. If I have to do some tests myself, I’m planning to try the CL magenta first.


When you say PF, what do you mean?

VM is not going through the printer but everything else does? Did you use the same VM ink w/ a different cartridge?

ITP will have a significant difference in color-values as well as gloss differential than pigment ink. I don’t recommend it.


PF is PiezoFlush. After a couple cleaning cycles, PF prints just fine on the nozzle check. The same VM ink has been used in all 4 of my VM carts for the 2880, as well as successfully in my working 3880 and unsuccessfully in my non-working 3880. Originally I thought it was the ink, but the problem wasn’t fixed with another bottle (although it was the same batch), but works fine in another printer. I’m looking to use the VM replacement solely on plain or matte paper, so gloss differential won’t be a problem. I’ve also noticed that VM is hardly used anyway compared to VLM, so I’m hoping it won’t be too noticeable. Basically, I just want a magenta ink in there so it isn’t missing. But perhaps I should invest in the entire set…I’m intending to print a bunch of booklets and pigment ink is probably overkill for everything but the cover. Thoughts?

I would go with the dye but I suggest profiling it. It is not built to match the neutral chroma values of Epson OEM pigment ink. (Also it will not mix w/ the pigment so different carts are required just like piezoflush).


It is possible to profile the VM dye w/ pigment when printing on matte-only. I’ve done this before w/ the Dye Matte Black (to get a very dark matte black that wasn’t archival).


I assume you’ve read through the following thread:


I had some trouble with non-IJM carts recently as well on an R2000. The carts are the same physical design, but use a different chip. Even though there was no instruction to vacuum fill the carts, I tried the vacuum method by plugging the air vent hole with the plug, and the exit port with my thumb. I placed the syringe in the fill hole and applied vacuum to the filled cart. I noticed some air bubbles coming from the exit port area. After doing so, I got a good nozzle check, finally.

It is possible you had an air lock in the VM cart, but the piezoflush cart was fine. However, from the thread link above, this may not solve your problem, but it’s worth a try I think.