Dye ink conversion

Hello, this is my first time here. Hope I am posting in the appropriate spot.

I am very interested in printing on glossy papers with ink thrift cl. But it’s only for smaller printers with 6 colors.

I am wondering about converting a 44” epson - open to suggestions about which one, I will hunt down whatever makes sense.

As I understand it, if I had a print that used say 8 colors like the p8000, I would need to use a rip to “turn off “ two color channels and just print with the 6(?)

I have tried to talk to the various rip companies but it all goes completely over my head. I also don’t think they fully understand what I’m trying to do. (Probably my fault).

Does anyone here have some advice on what rip makes the most sense?

I would also need to create color profiles. I currently use an x-rite photo munki.

Hope someone can guide me through this.

I have always just printed from photoshop or qimage… rips are new to me and clearly complex beasts.


Dear Lewis, sorry for this but we have discontinued ITCL and ITPRO

The best rip to use for custom channel work is Ergosoft.

Warmest regards