DX7 printhead in DX5 (7800) printer

It looks like I’m going to have to replace the printhead in my Epson 7800 printer. Someone has a DX7 printhead I can have. Is it possible to use it in the 7800?. It’s standard in the 7880. What problems would occur with setting it up if it was possible to use?

I’m going through old forum posts today with low (or zero) replies and high view counts. Hopefully I can answer some un-answered questions for people who happen on these threads later.

The DX7 and DX5 heads are almost identical but for a few key things. The DX7 takes a different ribbon cable and voltage than the DX5. The end result is the x880 heads just won’t work on the x800 printers. I found this out the hard way about a decade ago.


It’s always been a mystery why some posts get replies and others don’t.

Mainly it was a problem of interface. Our old forum basically buried these under sub forums and we all get so many hundreds of emails a day at IJM that that wasn’t a good way to organize either.