Dust & Digital Neg

Dear All,

I’ve heard digital negative will pick up dust easily, is that true?
If I use GO to coat it first, will it help?


Hey Aaron, there may not be many users in the forum yet. I am just opening up more discussion topics to make this place active for those who are not having technical support problems. I will move this post into that area. My experience with negatives in general is that they always pick up dust. The difference with silver negs and digital negs is that digital negs are not enlarged. They are contact printed - so dust is not as magnified (no pun intended).

GO will not prevent dust adhesion. The inks dry very well and strong on Pictorico OHP or Ultra OHP. So the GO is not necessary. There are treatments you can use to repel dust. Anti-Static treatments in spray and brush. But, probably the best treatment is a can of compressed air and storing the neg as you would a traditional neg - in a sleeve.