Dual Channel GO PiezoDN printing

As I understand the current (11.2016) GO protocol for PiezoDN, GO is printing simultaneously with ink which is confirmed by looking at the master .quad(s). Of course I can’t find it right now but I recall Jon commenting that there is an advantage to dedicating 2 channels to GO. What is the advantage of doing this and is the correct setup to copy LLK (GO) in the .quad text file and paste it in an unused channel which would receive a cartridge of GO?

BTW, the 3 intermittent channels on my latest donated 9900 are coming back quickly. LK having come back early on now seems reliable. LLK and Y are back but I am still not convinced they will remain so without further maintenance. I have moved GO from LLK to Gr and would duplicate in Or if dual GO is the recommended protocol.

I don’t recommend dedicating 2 channels to GO for them to be printed congruently. There is a maximum amount of GO printing to harden the negative but not to much to add noise to the negative. Adding a second channel would had noise.


Thanks, makes sense. Curious, does the noise created by too much GO resemble reticulation or is it just mud?