Dual 3880 setup

I recently bought a second 3880 to use as a backup and would like to set it up on the same computer. I do not really NEED it but $C275 (about 200 $US) and only 127 pages and about quarter ink left hard to resist.

I use an iMac and currently have the first 3880 connected via usb. I can attach the new 3880 to another usb port or I could use an available network connection on my router (arris Dg3270). Network would mean I could print from my MacBook or a tablet from anywhere in the house but in reality would I? Worth thinking about, but not sure about how to set up on network.

In either case I would like to be able to use the same setups I have at present re paper selections etc. Naturally as the inks go down I will be converting to IJM inks

Any suggestions or advice would most appreciated.

Either will work but USB is vastly more stable IMO. Ethernet + wifi can get really finicky if/when you are sending a big print file.

I suggest (if you have it) set up an old mac if you are mac based, or pc if not connected via USB to both printers, then simply share these print queues on the network so any computer can print to them by wifi.

This has the benefit of making the print file spool to the “print server” and then print on the computer without corruption of over-the-air printing directly to the ethernet card on the back of the 3880.

best and cheers,

Thanks Walter

Point taken with the wifi. Probably best to set up on my iMac and connect to both printers by usb. Then allow access from any other platform.

Second part of the question is how to set up both same printers on the one computer and be able to use the same parameters I had developed on my original in photoshop. I expect I will have to run the Epson install software and change the printer name and thus have two printers show. Not sure what to do about keeping the same settings???

Anyone who has gone through this is and has gems to share?

Many thanks


after printing to one printer simply hit print again, go to “last used setting” then “save as preset” and set this to be available for “all printers”