Drum Scanning color film

I’m going to be doing a series of color images and wanted to know what type of film scanned best with Cone Edition’s linotype scanner ? I planned on using Portra 160 and Fuji Velvia 50. Are there color cast problems with color negatives on the linotype? What film do you guys recommend?


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we scan everything raw 16bit and doing all inversions and corrections on more updated workflows with Mac Pros. Color casting is not an issue, but I recommend Portra 160 for the extended dynamic range over Velvia.


Ok, great to know. So you’re using a conversion process similar to negafix or Colorperfect to keep the characteristics of the film. I read somewhere about it being difficult to get faithful color reproduction from a drum scan but I think it was an Aztec and it wasn’t scanning it raw.

yes, for neg generally I do raw conversions with Negative Lab Pro and final color corrections in Photoshop with a smart object as the base layer. But sometimes ColorPerfect is the old-standard workflow for specific mid-level low-contrast negs (like a photo of a cement wall, etc). Sometimes other methods or warranted or a combo of two.


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