Drops of black ink on the leading long side of the paper



Hi Dana:

Thanks for solving the issue with the tracks on the leading edge of the paper! Caused indeed by the grabber.

Lately a new problem has occurred and the solution most likely involves cleaning.

There are dots of black ink about 3-4 mm in circumference on the bottom long edge of the front of the paper as the paper exits the printer. Some of the black dots can also be seen on the bottom long side of the image itself.

Where are the spots issuing from, and what parts need to be cleaned? I note your warning about cleaning the bottom of the print head, etc. So, does the print head have to be cleaned? Would installing my cartridges of Piezo flush and running a cleaning cycle and nozzle check suffice?

Incidentally, the printer is relatively new and has not been used for all that many prints. In addition, a nozzle check reveals that all nozzles are printing correctly.

I am using the WN ink set with the refillable carts. When examined, I see no evidence of ink on the bottom of the carts. There is ink build up somewhere, and the ink is being deposited as the paper exits the printer-but why in drops rather than in lines?

There are no ink drops further back on the sheet of paper…always the front few inches.





Now some prints show smudges on he lower margin at the back of the paper. I cleaned the sponge, not yet the print head.

Any idea about the cause of these smudges?

I am no longer convinced that the will be solved by cleaning the underside of the print head…a quick web search reveals that the cause might be from paper that is not completely straight and that is jarring ink off of the bottom of the print head. Seems to be noted with the 2880 most, but also on the 3000 and the 3880.

Any opinions appreciated Dana.


Hi Elliot~

Has this new problem started now that you’re printing the image closer to the paper edge, and using the manual paper feed path? Can you attach a photo or two showing the problem?
Unfortunately, I don’t believe you can raise the platen gap on this printer model when printing with QTR (the paper configuration window is not available when you select the 2880-K7 printer).
Yes, if the paper edges and/or corners are raised, the print head can scuff or leave drips when it makes contact with the paper. It’s always best to gently back-curl paper edges and corners if the sheets are curled towards the print side. We have information about this, here: http://www.inkjetmall.com/tech/content.php?148-Flatten-Curled-Paper-Before-Printing

Let me know so I can try to help~ Dana :slight_smile:


Hello Dana:

No, the margins have not changed and are still at the one inch that you suggested.

You are correct: I cannot change the platen gap using QTR on the 2880.

In truth, if the paper is curled then such is not very obvious. Nevertheless, I will try to straighten the paper and print again.

I will let you know what occurs.



If you lay the sheet face up on a table and the leading and trailing edges are not perfectly flat, then most Epson printers will strike those with the print head. It’s just a fact of life using Epson printers with 3rd party paper. It is much better that the leading and trailing edge are in contact with a flat surface when laid face up. The coatings on papers tend to dry and cause the paper to curl upwards. It does not take much curl to cause the head strike.