Does R2000 have a 'deep clean' function?

My color art printer, an Epson R2000 w/OEM ink is often having partial clogs and almost never perfect nozzle checks. Sometimes a head clean improves things, sometimes makes it worse. I am well versed in the soaking of heads on paper towels on the platten, but this machine keeps being difficult. Usually it is Magenta that is in the worst shape.

Does the R2000 have a ‘deep clean’ or ‘power clean’ function, like the medium-large format models do? If so, how to use?

It’s always the color printers that are trouble. The Piezo ones are a dream in comparison.


I am considering ditching the printer. I got it lightly used and fully clogged from a client. I spent weeks getting it to mostly perfect nozzle checks. Doing that again is costly, time is money. Better to fix, I know, but not if it cost me another $1000 of my time to save buying a new machine.

P400 is much much better. Get that.


OK, I will. The 2000 was free, but with the cost of unclogging it, which I managed to do.

But in the meantime, IS there a power-clean function on the R2000? I would like to keep it going now, while I add a P400 to the list (new camera, new scanner).

I have the ‘clean kit’, which is how I unclogged when I got the 2000. I’m not sure if I am getting a proper seal of the plastic insert with the black O-ring over the head intake, though. How hard to press it into place? I get PiezoFlush pooled in the cart tray. Most goes through, but if I have a better seal it might actually work better.

there is no power clean on these small-cart printers. It would empty half the carts!