Does PiezoFlush pink dye fade over time in solution?

I am in the process of flushing my 7900 to remove the color inks before loading PiezoPro inks. In my Green and Orange slots I’ve had PF installed for over 6 months. Now I’ve installed PF in the remaining slots. I’ve pretty much removed all the color now after three INIT FILLs, but when I print 100% density bars of all 10 colors on a sheet of paper I’m noticing that the Green and Orange bars are noticeably lighter in pink color. Is this due to fading of the dye or maybe something else?

This is probably just a factor of a small amount of residual ink your other channels and the green/orange channels not having residual ink. I would not worry about it. As long as the flush sits for at least 48 hrs, the pro ink will take care of an more residual ink when it gets into the system.