Does PiezoDN work with new xrite i1 studio?

Just wondering if and how well the PiezoDN flow works with new Xrite i1 Studio spectrophotometer for pt/pd printing.
I am thinking of getting one to calibrate my flow.



Currently, i1Studio installer for OS X is corrupted. I’m trying to get xRite on the horn about this but they seem to be un-reachable. I will try again soon.

yes, it will be compatible once I can install the darn software and R&D a solution + targets.


Hi Walker,

So glad to hear that you are working on getting this integrated with PiezoDN, you made my day!
Hope XRITE gets back to you soon with a fix for the OSX installer. This spectro is more in my price range and should be good enough to calibrate my pt/pd printing flow. Will buy PiezoDN and I1 Studio soon. You Rock!



On Yahoo-QTR, Keith Cooper report that “The new i1Studio software does not support individual patch measurements and the spectrophotometer (otherwise identical) does not work with the old ColorMunki software”. Is this correct?

Has there been any update regarding the use of the i1 Studio? I am considering spectrophotometers right now and would prefer this one if it is compatible. Alternate would be Spyder5Studio which includes Spyder Print. Thanks, Greg.

i1Studio does not work as it does not allow basic exported measurement values.