Does Gloss Overprinting increase UV protection?

Does the GO printing offer UV protection for prints, like spraying a print with PrintShield? Or does the GO only eliminate gloss differential?


Based on the Aardenburg longevity tests I suspect it only eliminates the gloss differential. I’m going to test applying a protective spray over that this weekend. In the Aardenburg testing, the protective sprays seem to be improving longevity.


We have a professional Atlas fade testing chamber (using a filter to simulate daylight thru window glass), which we use to test our inks on different papers, as well as Epson and other inks to see where we stand.
I did a test comparing ConeColor Pro inks on JonCone Studio Type 5 paper, both with and without Gloss Overprint. The sample with GO had slightly better results than the sample without GO (both had good results), though this is not the purpose of GO (the intended purpose is to eliminate bronzing and gloss differential), it does seem to have an added bonus of slightly improving longevity.

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile:

Thanks Dana. Good to know.

Thanks for your answers. I was curious as I have a request to print on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Pearl with Piezography inks, and wasn’t sure if GO would help longevity or not. Normally I use Type 5 or Photo Rag Pearl but the FAPearl was a closer paper base to the Ilford darkroom papers we were comparing to.