Does Anyone Know What This Part Does?

Hello. I just changed an ink damper on my Epson 4880. This part was screwed to the back of the carriage above the ink heads(forked end pointing down). It was just too fiddly to get back in (I was afraid to bend it). Should I go back in to try again, or can I leave it off? What does it do? Any help is appreciated.

Joe Kohler


Title it Picasso’s Fork and submit it to Art Basel? :crazy_face:

I’m kinda surprised I found it, but here is the one reference to it in the Service Manual:

Ground Plate, p.267 of the Service Manual

And here it is in an exploded diagram on p.474
In the parts list it is on p.503. Figure 729, Ground Plate, B;B.

It doesn’t seem to be mentioned at all in the Field Repair Guide. And there is nothing in the disassembly instructions saying to remove it. My hunch is that you shouldn’t have, and that it is important to the electrical system, but I can’t say for sure.

Good luck,

This part keeps the head from shorting or static discharge. It’s an important bit.


Thanks very much for the answer. I’ll get it back in.