Do NOT upgrade to Big Sur 11.1 - 3880 Print Drivers needed - PLEASE

I upgraded my Mac to Big Sur 11.1 and it erased all my printers from the system.

I now need to download my drivers again for my 3880s.

What is the link for the driver for the 3880 - HDK7 inks and for the Pro Color inks with the HD PK & MK inks?

Thank you.


Delete your old printer from system preferences.

Download quadtoneRIP and install again.

Download piezography community edition, install it, run the install command from the correct Curves-HD (K7) folder.

It will work, I have tested this on Big Sur.


Thank you very much for yuor reply.
I have downloaded the quadtone RIP and my B&W printer is up and running.

The issue I have is the print driver for my color printer. Will version 10.9 of the Epson 3880 Print Driver work with the Inkjetmall refillable cartridges?

Thank you.

Take care and stay well.


Version 10.9 will work. Download and install and then re-add your printer.


THANK YOU VERY MUCH, I appreciate the reply!!!