Do I have to use Photoshop?

If you can print with AdobeRGB 1998 than this will work as well. AdobeRGB is gray gamma 2.2 on it’s neutral axis.


Photoshop is the only one I can see that lets me specifically select a Gray Gamma 2.2 . I was wondering how the other editing packages manage that. Do I have to use Photoshop?

Thanks Walker. I’m obviously missing something though and not sure I follow you - sorry.

By “on it’s neutral axis” do you mean equal RGB values? If I’m using the RGB channels for B&W conversion and my values aren’t equal is the exported file still Gray Gamma 2.2? Similarly, if I convert to grayscale first and lose the RGB channels is the exported file still 2.2?


Is it therefore better to capture digital photos in Adobe RBG instead of sRGB, if we intend to convert them to monochrome ? Thank you !

You can also use Capture One to export (or print directly to QTR) as Phase One GG 22

Always, if it is going to be printed.