Do I delete previous QTR curves?

I recently installed the new Piezography Pro in my 4800(win 7-64). Before I begin, do I need to uninstall the curves that where in QTR & download & install the new curves for the Piezography Pro or will they just overright the exsisting curves?

Download Piezography Community Edition for the curves.

You will need to delete the old curves and place the pro curves in the “4800-K7” folder. (C:/ProgramFiles/QuadToneRIP/QuadTone/(Your Piezography Printer Model))


Thank you! Now for a real dumb question. Currently at home with a bad sinus infection and not thinking clearly. Where will I find those curves to delete? What folder?

Delete the curves in here: (C:/ProgramFiles/QuadToneRIP/QuadTone/Quad4880-K7) and replace with the pro curves.


ok. I hope I did this correctly
c:/program files(x86)/QuadToneRIP/QuadTone/Quad4800/4880-K7
I didn’t see much in the way of curves for Canson Baryta Photographique or Platine. Am I not seeing the entire list for the 4800?

The curves for Pro are in the Piezography Community Edition (link above in my previous comments). As I said before, delete the curves that are in the current 4880-K7 folder and add the Pro curves from the community download.

I suggest reading the Piezography Manual that is in the Documentation folder of the Community Edition as well.


I have read the new manual & I hope that I got the right. Like I said I didn’t see much in the way of canson Baryta or plantine

Ok, I found the correct warm-neutral-cool curves under 4880-7880-9880-Pro(there was no 4800-PRO) and did a copy -paste into 4800-k7 but when I pull up QTR it says there are no curves for 4800-K7

WOW - No one knows how to get the curves in QTR? I’m running a 4800 not a 4880

Sorry, I’m getting back to this just now. Let me discuss this in a bit more detail as the instructions don’t seem to have gotten you to where you need to be.

There are two drop-down menus on the top right of qtrGUI. One is the “Name” dropdown which is the printer selection (in this case it’s just your printer that you’ve added in control panel).

The second drop-down menu is basically just pointing to a curve folder (in your case it will be C:\Program Files\QuadToneRIP\QuadTone\Quad4800-K7)

Delete all the files in C:\Program Files\QuadToneRIP\QuadTone\Quad4800-K7 and replace them with the pro curves from >Piezography>Curves>4800-7800-9800-Pro

Restart qtrGUI and you will see them all there.


Thank you for that Walker! After your instructions, I went back and saw that I had inadvertently deleted the 4800 -K7 folder instead of just the curves, that’s why I only saw Quad 4800 instead of 4800-K7. I have since downloaded QTR again and the file 4800-K7 was there so I did as you instructed, deleted the K7 curves and pasted the $880 Pro curves. Just did a quick check and the warm-neutral-cool curves are there. Again, thank you! On a side note, I wish I could attend one of your classes, but travel is not an option for me. Wish you all could put out a DVD or something…