DN 3880 Initial Testing

Hi I’m using k6 neutral inks with DN workflow on the ohp ultra film, testing for the first time your AC plat/palladium curve on a 3880 , out of Print Tool.

My first neg is reddish and looks thin to me, though all the info seems to be there. Is this normal? I want to see a print before I start linearizing things.

What is a typical exposure with your set up. I just want a ball park idea.


In your post about this on the PiezoDN forum you mentioned that Print Color Management was set to Print-Tool Managed rather than No Color Management. The first step is to set it to No Color Management and print the negative again. If it’s still thin and reddish, well, I don’t know. If you want to know if your curve is close before starting to print images, print a target, read it, and plot it. The result should be at least somewhat close to linear. Using someone else’s curve including IJM’s, made for their materials, equipment, and conditions, is always a crap shoot.


Solved it. In the PT driver the printer pull down jumped back to my HDP2 printer for paper and that was conflicting with the DNQTR printer selection. Neg looks normal now except for bad pizza wheels that I will hopefully solve with back feeding. Looking into that.

Thank you Keith. That is very nice of you to post that with jpegs. I just saw that this afternoon. I have tried ALL of the feed mechanisms Front, Back etc. Tried all the platen gap settings…
and still have scratches, so I will have no alternative but to disable the star wheels. All my prints look great and the negative output seems normal other than the scratches.

I’m going to take a break then I’ll do this procedure and see how it goes.


Some rare 3880s work without marring the film even with the wheels down but the fast majority will need this non-invasive fix. Epson printers aren’t designed to print with film so it’s a bit of a hack but works well.

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