Disappearing VM Ink

First off: in order to prime your cartridge you need the priming tip installed on your syringe. If didn’t have the priming tip, you probably will have the pull issue.

Second, I’m going to PM you on the VM. We can get you out a new bottle.


I am having what seems to be two different problems with a Surecolor P600 running Cone Color Pro inks. I noticed some prints looking noticeably dull. Ran a nozzle and very few lines printed from the VM cart. There was noticeably more air in the VM line from the CIS tank going to the VM cart. I tried filling the VM cart (and clearing the air) using a syringe as described in the instruction. Pulled on the syringe about as hard as I could and the ink did not budge.
I put a new Epson cart in the VM slot, ran a nozzle clean and the printer was working beautifully. Next day I started with a nozzle check and the VM barely printed. Ran a clean followed by a nozzle check and everything looked great. Same thing happened the next day and the next day. it’s going to get expensive running a nozzle clean every day I want to print.
I have checked the capping station and it looks reasonably clean. Definitely not soaked.
Grateful for any help.

Could it not be a clogged damper…? Perfect nozzle checks, prints a cm or so then starts disappearing…

I paid attention to the warning in the Cone instructions regarding priming and I made certain to prime each one. The printer has been working fine on the Cone inks for over a year, until the last few weeks.

Dear @TonyM, I see that you have Piezo Pro ink. Is this what is disappearing?

Your problem is most likely a damper issue if this is the case (or priming issue). Pro ink generally never clogs. With this ink, we go months without a single nozzle out (even more than a month with the printer sitting un-used without a nozzle out).