Disabled star wheels, now how to add a margin at the bottom of digital negative?

I followed this tutorial, How To Disable Star-Wheels On An Epson 3880 – J Keith Schreiber, on how to disable the star wheels on my 3880, but now I need to add a 1.5 inch margin at the bottom of the sheet so I won’t get skew and overspray issues. The author doesn’t go into detail about how exactly to do it and when I print a Piezo digital negative (for Silver Gelatin) from QTR it wants to print the black border all the way to the bottom of the sheet. I can’t find where to adjust the margin to get it to stop printing the black border 1.5" from the end, the default looks like .125" or so. It appears the only margins I can set from the QTR print dialog are top and left. I can scale the image smaller, but it has no effect on the black border.


Mr. Schreiber answered me on his Wordpress site, simply I resolved it by placing the image to be printed on a black canvas in Photoshop, or you can read his answer here: How To Disable Star-Wheels On An Epson 3880 – J Keith Schreiber.

Sorry for the delay in reply as this hit during the weekend.

Glad it’s sorted.