Digital Negatives and the Epson 1430

I’m slowly diving into a backlog of un-replied questions.

PiezoDN for the 1430 (with the newest refillable carts that we sell) is the ideal solution.


I’ve been using Piezography neutral to make prints in my Epson 1430 and have been really loving the results. I would now like to use your inks to make digital negatives on my Epson 1430 for use with palladium prints.

I’ve been using the OEM Epson Claria inks in coordination with the Ron Reeder and new Burkholder method with disappointing results. I know in a perfect world, I would get an Epson 2880/3880 and your Digital Negative inks, but it would cost over $1000 to make the change even if I went refurbished.

Do you think Piezography, or ConeColor K3 ink would work any better for a digital negative than OEM Epson Claria inks? Do you have any suggestions for using the 1430 with your inks?

As you know, the Epson 1430 is very popular and there might be a bit of a market for a solution. I’d be interested in buying custom curve if that would work.