Different chip on my 3880 Cone Color Yellow Cartridge - Help

Last year I bought an entire set of Cone Color inks and cartridges for the Epson 3880. So far I have replaced six of the cartridges with no problem. Today the printer indicated that the ink in my Epson Yellow cartridge need replacement. The yellow had not yet been replaced.

I started to go through the procedure of replacing the chip (as before) but when I took the large chip off the Cone cartridge, it was different. It has three pins the project down into the Cone Color cartridge and will not go on top of the original Epson cartridge.

Can anyone tell me why this is different and how I use this cartridge? Is it new and does not need epson chips or is it old and I need to get it replaced?

Help - I am in the middle of a large print job.


It sounds like we purchased refillable carts at around the same time. All of mine have the removable chips which require an Epson chip underneath for proper function. They all have 3 gold pins, which make contact with the Epson chip…so I’m confused as to what the problem is. A picture comparing the “good” and the “odd” carts may help.

Hi Jim~

We worked together via email off the forum, so I will add details to update others reading your post.
After reviewing photos, we discovered that it seems the manufacturer didn’t melt the three plastic points to secure the reset chip to the plastic base, so the green chip popped off the plastic base when you tried prying off the reset chip to place OEM chip underneath. We are sending a replacement reset chip.

Best regards~ Dana

I just received a set of cartridges for my Epson 3880. There is no place for the ‘color position Epson chip’ beneath the large auto reset chip, which has three long pins.There is no way to mount the Epson chip to make contact with anything. VERY frustrating.

Will you send me, asap, the correct cartridges?

Hi Bruce~

Can you please send a photo of the chip area of your cart? It sounds like you possibly removed the reset chip from the plastic base, instead of WITH the plastic base. I have attached a photo below showing how the reset chip should be removed from the cart, and the Epson chip in place under neath.

Please let me know, thanks~ Dana

Thank You!! I mistakenly though the instructions were to remove the chip…not the base.


If you can’t reconnect the reset chip to the plastic base, so it’s secure and flat, then you will need a new reset chip, which you can get here: http://shopping.netsuite.com/s.nl/c.362672/sc.18/category.122640/.f

Best regards~ Dana