Defective Cartridge/Leaking PiezoFlush fluid

I’m preparing to convert my 3880 from OEM inks to Piezo-Pro. I bought your flush system along with the inks. Prior to getting started, I read the printed instructions, and also watched the online video for filling and priming new carts. (and installing the OEM chips). So, I believe I’ve followed your instructions carefully.

In the process of filling/priming my Flush carts, one of the carts (LLK) has leaked Flush fluid outside the normal storage chamber to in-between the plastic outer wall and what looks like an internal membrane. Some of the fluid has also leaked out of the cartridge. (See photo) I assume this cart is defective.
The other 8 carts seem to have filled and primed normally. Please inform me as to next step.

Getting you out a replacement ASAP!

Sometimes these things can be damaged by a drop in either warehouse or shipping as they do have a fragile membrane in them.

It will go out today. So sorry about this!

FYI, flushing LLK is optional. I often go right from Epson LLK to GCO because then there is no red in that channel.


I received the replacement LLK cart & extra P.Flush yesterday; thank you. Everything is installed & working as it should.
Best, John

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