Decision to change head Epson 9900 next week - questions!

Dear Walker, Dana and members of the forum,

Following my soap-opera about the Epson 9900 printer who was serviced by a technician (changed the dampers unit and the cleaning station) and damaged the printing head, finally the company is offering to change the printing head for half of its price (including manwork). I am deciding whether to go with it or stop putting money into the machine. But taking into account that the machine had already the selectors unit and the cleaning station changed, and that I could have a new head for half of the price, it might be a good idea to go with it and then keep the printer, or sell it at worst as a perfectly working machine. What do you think?

Otherwise, my main question here is for Walker and Dana, since I would like to know:

  • I have read that the dampers unit and the cleaning station need to be changed when a new head is installed… I have had the new dampers and cleaning station for a month now, and they have gone through a series of init fills of piezoflush - Epson inks - piezoflush. Now the printer has been filled with piezoflush for a month more or less. I guess the printer is in the optimal moment to receive a new printing head?

  • I made a question on the forum that unfortunately went unanswered, but I will ask it again since it might be fundamental to avoid having again problems with the printing head. When installing the new selectors unit, the technician did NOT use a screwdriver with a limited torque (to a certain value) as mentioned on the service manual. He did use a normal one, and if I remember well (I was there) he screwed it real hard. Might that have been the reason why the ink has not been flowing properly through the dampers and into the head, and therefore the different cleanings might have overheated-burned the printing head?

  • If that last hypothesis might be plausible, then I suppose when they install the new head I suppose it is of paramount importance that they make sure the screws are loosened-tigthened to the torque mentioned on the manual?

-Any other recommendations when installing the printing head? It will be done by an official technician that Epson sends in Switzerland, but seeing what has happened, I prefer to know your opinion to double check.

On a side note, it is really a pain that these companies do not assume their warranties when they discover third-party inks are installed… they are so happy to say that any problem happening is for you, because “epson inks were not being used…” :frowning:

Thanks in advance for your opinions. It will be fantastic to be able to print again!

Warm regards,


Rafael, see the previous thread where you asked about this. I did reply.

Dear Dave, sorry I was not clear in my post, I did see your answer and in fact your feedback was extremely useful when dealing with the company who serviced the machine… so your contribution was really essential, and I deeply thank you for that. When I said “unanswered” I was referring to Walker. I know he always answer all these questions, and I am sure he missed that one. Sorry for the way of presenting things, since I was not all all complaining! And thanks again for your help Dave.