Dealing with ink that's been idle

OK, I know we’re not supposed to do this, but I got a call from the boss that began with “… we have a problem … please catch the next flight…” and that was approaching three months ago. If I had thought of it, I probably could have flushed one of the printers with PF, but as it turns out I don’t have two sets of cartridges for two printers anyway.

When I got back, it was couple of weeks before I got back to printing. Lots of channels were clogged, but that’s no surprise on two x900 series printers. (4900 with Cone Color, 9900 with Piezography.) I’ve unclogged them now.

But I didn’t agitate the cartridges before I did the various cleaning cycles. Now both printers seem to be operating on “settled” ink. The color one is printing just fine except that the colors aren’t brilliant. They’re subdued. The Piezography printer is falling WAY short on dMax and in general looks very “thin.”

How do I work around this? Obviously the answer is to not let it happen in the first place, but I’d need a time machine to fix it now. If the problem is what I suspect, I suppose I could agitate the cartridges (gently) and then do an initial fill?

Agitate and then do two power cleanings on the 9900. This should get it back in order. On the 4900 an agitation and a single power cleanings should do it but you may have to do two.

Good tradition is weekly (Monday morning) ink cart agitation if you can.


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