Dark prints using Cone Color Pro inks and UHD matte black ink


I was so impressed with B/W images printed using Piezography K6 Special Edition inks with UHD matte black and the icc’s from IJM. So, I wanted to try color inks with UHD matt black ink. However, the prints are printing seriously too black with loss of details in some areas.
Equipment/Software: MAC iOS 10.18.4, PhotoShop CC 2018, LightRoom CC Classic, Print Tool, Printers 4880 and 7800 both with Cone Color Pro (CCP) with UHD matte black. Color icc’s are from IJM. The monitor is calibrated.
Printer settings on Print Tool app: in the Paper & Print Setting window are as followed: Color Matching; Color Sync with profile: e.g. CCP-3880-UHD-EPhotoPressNatural.icc. On the Print Tool main window, the settings are: embedded profile-Adobe RGB 1998. Print color Management: Print driver managed. If I select Print Tool managed then only general type of papers can be selected and the paper specific icc profile cannot be selected.
What am I doing wrong?


That sounds more like the Epson driver than Print-Tool. You have selected Print Driver Managed in Print-Tool rather than Print-Tool Managed. The Print Color Management section looks like this:


Set this to Print-Tool Managed and select your ICC profile here. Then in the Paper & Print Settings there will be nothing to select in Color Matching - both choices will be grayed out.


And under Advanced Color Settings it will show:


You want to do all color management in Print-Tool, not the Epson driver or the OS.


Aside from what Keith said, you’ll want to download our HD iccs for the 3880s as well . .