Damaged Epson 4900

Good Day,

I’m not pleased with the level service and craftsmanship of the products sold by inkjetmall.com. I purchased a set of refillable cartridges and piezoflush with the intentions of clearing the nozzle in my 4 month old Epson 4900, I sent an email in regards to why you would sell a defective cartridges that cant fit properly in these printers considering how delicate the parts of a printer are and it took two days to respond to my messages which by that time it was too late as the lever and spring that holds the cartridge place broke, now its almost Christmas and my printer business has come to stand still from something that could have been avoided, I shouldn’t be paying for this broken part because you all are well aware of this problem and should warn potential customers of this problem, please help me find the quickest solution to my problem.

Kind Regards,
Jerome Wilson

Hi Jerome,

The quickest solution to your problem NOW, is still the quickest solution to your original problem THEN. You contact Epson, and you do not try and repair a brand new 4 month old printer on your own. Your printer is clogged up with Epson ink that has not even yet expired. This is a simple warranty issue and you should call them. Your breaking a $15 spring does not trump their defective print head. If you want to tell them you spent money trying to repair it, they will replace the head and I can’t imagine that they will charge you $15 for the spring. You’re an Epson ink customer. They love you! We do as well - but circumstances did not give us the chance to help you.

If you had contacted Technical Support instead of emailing our Sales Manager on Saturday, we would have had a chance to help you before you forced the cartridge and broke the spring. Inkjetmall sales is not open on the weekends but technical support is very ongoing - even now its 11:00PM and we are answering your post.

I am sorry that you are unhappy with our service and our products. We sell a lot of repair kits to 4900 printer owners. These are owners of printers well out of warranty. These cartridges do not break springs in their printers. This is not a known problem. You forced something you should not have. Why it happened we can not now know. I am sorry that you had the experience you did - especially after the fact that your brand new printer clogged. You must be very frustrated. Epson will right your situation. You’ll be ok!

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Can you provide me with the part number or where i can source it from, so I can order the broken part from ? Im not in U.S so my printer doesn’t have the benefit of being covered under warranty.

The Caribbean falls under Epson Latin America and according to their website you get one year on-site: http://global.latin.epson.com/Catalog/Epson-Stylus-Pro-4900/Tech-Specs

My understanding is that anywhere Epson sells printers, even in Qatar, Bolivia, Ethiopia, Brazil, where ever… Epson warrants their printers for one year. There is nothing particularly different about Latin America or the Caribbean. What is so peculiar about your situation that your printer is not warrantied in the Caribbean? Take a look at the page above from your Epson Global Territory - it plainly says one year - on site repair. You should push back. Call the regional office. They answer to America office in LA. Ultimately North and South America are run from LA. But Latin America runs the Caribbean. So just move up the chain until you get someone who will replace the printer or perform the on-site.

To answer your questions, you will absolutely need the 4900 Field Service Manual in order to know what part you need and how to replace it. You will need to take it apart to find out what broke. You can buy and download this manual from 2manuals.com Do not attempt to further repair your printer without the Field Service Manual as you can severely damage your printer. But I do not suggest that you do this. As soon as you remove the covers - you will void your warranty and ruin any chance of getting an on-site repair. The warranty clearly states that. Compass Micro is the Epson USA Authorized distributor for Epson parts for USA customers - but I do not know if they sell outside the USA. You may need to contact Epson Latin America to find their Authorized parts distributor.

It’s 1am here and we are supporting you as best we can. I am still sorry that you did not contact us on the weekend. :frowning: