Daily Flush - Safe?

After dealing with hours and sometimes days of head clogging, following a long weekend, or week away from my previous 9800 and current 7880 printers, I developed a habit of placing a small spray bottle of Piezoflush next to my printer, and spraying the flushing box and capping station, nightly and before going away, in order to keep the head moist. To my joyful surprise, I’ve barely had an issue in two years!

Now I have a new p8000 printer. Before I begin performing the same ritual, I thought I’d make sure it’s safe. Can I use the piezoflush fluid every day at full strength? Is there any risk of damage caused from the fluid? Would distilled water serve the same purpose? Or some combination of the two?

PF is totally safe for this procedure and we do something similar at times here (although keeping the room humid is often easier and less labor-some). That being said the SC-P printers really have a much better capping station seal so you may not need this at all. The SC-Ps also periodically do a nozzle check and auto-cleaning (like once a day) to keep the head wet and to keep pigment from pooling in the dampers. It costs some small amount of $ but I really recommend keeping that turned on on the printer and just letting it do its thing. You probably don’t need PF routine with the SC-P printers but it wouldn’t hurt.