Cyan print head leaking R2400

I have a R2400 printer which I let sit too long without being used. So I used the piezo flush kit and went through the maintenance and flushed the head, cleaned the capping station, etc. I filled my cartridges and made some prints. I had some banding so I continued to do some head cleanings and filled the cartridges. I still had some issues with the cyan not printing properly and the nozzle check showed this. I went through cleaning the capping station and wiper again. I had moved the print head with the power off to the left of the capping station while I did this. When I moved the print head back, there was a puddle of cyan ink under the print head. I took the cartridges out and noticed that the cyan cartridge was almost empty. I also noticed what looked like some cyan ink in the yellow print cartridge circle exit chamber. The inside where the cartridges go looked clean.

I have all the cartridges out of the printer, and I flushed each color with piezo flush and cleaned the capping station.

What would cause this? I am thinking there might be something else wrong with the printer.

Hi Bill~

I see you bought the set of refillable carts and ConeColor ink for your R2400 printer in 2011 (then more ink in 2013), so the carts are very old and as you say, the printer isn’t used frequently.
The cause of your cyan cart leaking could be printer or cartridge. To troubleshoot, I recommend getting a new set of carts, and minimally replacing the cyan cart with a fresh cart (though, we recommend replacing desktop refill carts about once a year for the best results). You can get a new set of carts (with or without the filling syringes), here:
Over time, the exit valve parts can wear out and pigment particles can settle (especially with infrequent use), effecting the function and ink flow of the cartridge.
Since your old cyan cart was/is leaking, you will want to gently clean your printer (capping station, wiper + bottom of the print head), to get that excessive gunk off, before installing the new cartridge. Our manual cleaning procedures can be found here:

I hope this helps!
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

OK thank you for the response. I will replace the carts, but if it is a problem with the printer I’m concerned because it’s so old.

Replacing the carts is the quickest and least expensive to try first. Please let me know if you have further questions, or how your printer works with new carts.

I received the new carts today and I filled them up. I cleaned the printer really well and installed the carts. I did 3 head cleanings then printed out some images. The images looked OK but there is some banding so I did a head alignment. It is better but still noticeable. I printed a head check and they all look better than they ever have, with only one or two missing line segments on the light cyan, light black, photo black, cyan, and magenta. The banding appears the worse in the sky of a color landscape, and also in black areas of a test image.