cyan/magenta nozzle pair not printing on 7900

I have a 7900 that had a standard cleaning cycle done weekly for a month but no printing. then it sat idle for a couple of weeks without cleaning or printing, and when I finally went to print nothing came out of the head. 100% blank whether printing a nozzle check, a full color image or a screen printing film positive through acurip. I tried cleaning the head with piezo flush but that didn’t change anything. that was back in march. since then I considered shoving it down a flight of stairs, I considered using the “one time use” warranty thing for $999 to replace the print head. and i considered buying a new printer. Then a couple of months ago I decided to run a nozzle check and much to my surprise all but the cyan/magenta pairs were open with a few breaks here and there. I ran a few cleaning cycles and and nozzle check looked perfect everywhere but the cyan/magenta were not there at all. I’ve 3 times now, left a paper towel saturated with piezo flush for days at a time hoping it would break up any blockage but no dice other than a little bit of the cyan will show up at the top of the pattern after a couple of cleaning cycles. nothing in the magenta spot.

Any advice? should i try the piezo filled cartridges? can i just do those two cartridge slots? should I move on? Thanks in advance.