Custom Profiling

Hi Dana,

Just a short question on custom profiling.

I plan to ask your services to create custom profiles for Tecco papers readily available in the Philippines. I have read the instructions and currently my printer is already set for Selenium K7 and having using it for quite sometime now. My question is: If I print the target image, it is ok to use Selenium tone? Also, the result of the profiling service you provide is only for one tone or you will already give the profiles all of the tones for piezo based on the target I will send you?

I hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you.

Yes you can use any tone of ink to have a custom curve made. You need only follow the instructions explicitly in the download from the custom curve page. The curves for K7 inks are very interchangeable. So the curve made for Selenium inks can be used with any of the five Piezography ink sets.