Curves & Tone Recipes for Piezography Pro on 3880?

Hi folks (hope you’re surviving the storm ok),

I have just successfully installed Piezography Pro inks on my 3880 (P.Flushed the OEM inks, followed by PPro ink initial charge; all nozzles working; QuadTone RIP and Print-Tool purchased & installed followed by install of Piezography Community Edition). So far so good! Test prints are working!

Curves Questions: I am surprised to see that the only Epson paper curve included is for Hot Press. Have you profiled other Epson papers (eg, Exhibition Fiber, or any of the Legacy papers) for this inkset & printer? (Exhibition Fiber is listed as a supported paper)

Does the P. Pro Edition software include any additional pre-made curves not included in the Community Edition? Or, must I either create them myself using the P. Pro software, or have you custom create them for me?

If I order a P Pro custom curve from you for, let’s say Legacy Etching, does that include Warm, Neutral and Cool curves as one item?

Tone Recipe Question: Are you publishing recipes for the warm/neutral/cool tone curves to approximate previous Piezography inks, such as Warm Neutral or Special Edition?

John Mueller

Legacy is actually Canson paper.

Legacy Platine = Canson Platine, etc.


Exhibition Fiber has stability issues (why we did not calibrate for it) but the Hahnemuhle Pearl curve will work perfectly on it.

As stated elsewhere, Pro is not built to make replications of K6/K7 ink systems. It is build to centralize at neutral. The warm is a close match to a Palladium print developed in Oxalate and the cool is a “neutral cool.”