Curves for Piezography2 Inkset Configuration

Hello Jon, Dana, and the IJM family! I like the forum and best wishes for a great 2013!

Have you released the updated curves for your standard, supported, glossy and matte papers using the New Piezo2 inkset configuration? I would appreciate the ability to use curves for supported papers without having custom profiles made.

The new Piezography Manual is excellent, by the way. Many things change and it is great to see such a comprehensive update.

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We are soooo close!

Ok! Look forward hearing when they are ready!


The Ink shade placement for Piezography 2 is as follows (for all K3 8-ink printer models), and works with ALL Piezography ink tones:

Black= Neutral #1 (for non-gloss printing)
Cyan= shade #2
Magenta= shade #4
Yellow= WarmNeutral shade #1 (for glossy printing)
Light Cyan= shade #3
Light Magenta= shade #5
Light Black= shade #6
Light Light Black= Gloss Overprint (for gloss printing)

The “P2” curves are specially designed for improved gloss compatibility with ALL Piezography ink tones, and are programmed to use the K position black for matte/rag printing, and the Y position black for gloss printing, so no more changing blacks- now you can print Piezography matte/rag and gloss with just one machine!!! :slight_smile: Some customers are already set up and happily printing with the P2 system, and we have been using it in our production studio (Cone Editions Press) for about a year with excellent results, though the curves have not yet been officially released (they will be VERY soon!). We have completed a library of about 10 paper curves for each of the five Piezography ink tones, because although the ink tones share similar shade density, they are not all EXACTLY the same, so perfectionists as we are- we decided to provide curves for each ink tone for the absolute best output quality.

Keep an eye on our newsletter and website for product announcements and updates, P2 is coming very soon!
Happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile:

Is P2 now released ? did I miss something ?
And which paper curves will be available ?


NO- Piezography 2 hasn’t been officially released yet, but we have a few people already set up and using it. We have a collection of pre-made “P2” curves, currently including about 10 papers, and plan to make curves for more Canson media to include.

Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile: