Curves for Museo Silver Rag


I’m currently printing on a 3880 with WN inks. For Museo Silver Rag the closest profile I can find is 3880-CAR-MuseoSilverRag. The curve has been around for a while, and after the linearization was recently checked, was found to be inaccurate. Do you have an updated curve more specifically for WN, JCST5 and MSR?

This is most likely a profile from Museo rag when it was still owned and coated by Crane and not Intelicoat. When Intelicoat took over things went down hill fast and we haven’t seen a good roll since (without defects).

I’ll see what I can do in the lab to get this profiled for our upcoming release of Piezography curves at relaunch. (will post here first though).

It may be a K6 curve as that is what we have on a 3880 WN right now but it will work in your K7 printer just fine.


Thanks Walker