Curves for hand-made papers

While in France recently I visited a centuries old paper mill Le Moulin Richard de Bas:

In a moment of weakness I bought a pack of hand-made inkjet paper:

Do you happen to have a curve for this paper?

Ok, that wasn’t a serious question. What I’m really asking is what curve(s) do you suggest I use as a starting point? I don’t have a lot of this paper, so don’t want to burn up too much in the testing process.

There really is no way to know about an unknown paper. The coating is more critical than the base. Having said that, I would try the HPR or Type 2 first.

Thanks. I strongly suspect that this is an uncoated paper. I can’t see a coating. There’s nothing to indicate which is the front. Looks the same both sides. This was one of those mills that still hand-makes papers the same way that they were centuries ago, using the same old mill equipment. I doubt that they send it off to a coating facility and get it back. It’s not clear to me what made this paper suitable for inkjets. I have some French, but it wasn’t up to asking the staff about paper coatings, and I bet they would not have had a clue in any case, and the documentation is pretty limited. It is cotton paper as it was made from garment offcuts, not from wood.

Does an uncoated paper change your recommendation, assuming that’s what it is? I wondered if one of the uncoated Awagami curves might be the place to start?