Curves creation question

Since I recently asked about curves for metallic paper or the new Canson media entries and there were no responses, I am going to try curve creation. Since I attended the workshop last September and we downloaded the Piezography Professional Edition Software Toolset v2 (I believe that’s correct) I have a few questions. Afterall, that was almost a year ago & I’m sure I’ll have more questions, but for now:
1: Is this in fact the v2?
2. In the mages folder (for the Piezography targets) it lists one for Colormunki, however that was replaced with the i1Studio (which is what I have). I’ve only used it to create paper profiles for color. So is that the same as the Colormunkl?
3: I do have the Excel program on my computer but have never used it (but I’m sure I can figure it out for this) but what is CGATS format?
4: If I read this correctly, this is to linearize an existing curve but what would I start with for a metallic paper, and the 2 Canson matt papers I mentioned in my previous posts? i.e. Arches 88, & Photographique II Baryta Matt.

So no response or advice?

Dear KeithR, I was busy getting married.

i1Studio is not supported I’m afraid. You need ColorMunki or I1Pro or some other spectro.


Thanks for the reply and congratulations!

I’m curious as to what is the difference that the i1Studio does not do compared to the ColorMunki ? Wasn’t the i1Studio supposed to be an upgrade to the CM. I also discovered that there was a software upgrade (6/4/2022) to the i1Studio.

It’s the same hardware with locked out functionality.


Can you expand as to what functionality was locked out, please? Thank you.