Curve For Special Edition 1900 K6 version

I can’t seem to find a link to a K6 curve for the R1900 using Special Edition Inks. Is one available?

The R1900-K7 curves included in QuadTone RIP with the modified date of October 2008 were made with Special Edition inks, though we do not have any “K6” curves for the R1900 (K7 without shade 7). What paper(s) are you using?

~Dana :slight_smile:

My bad.
I have only 6 bottles of ink labeled Special Edition, so I, foolishly, assumed there were only 6 dilutions in the carts I had in storage.
Turns out, I have 7 dilutions in the carts, with flush in the 8th position.
I apologize for posting first and actually looking at what I have second.
Thanks for the quick reply!

No problem Mark! best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile: