Curve for Harman Matt FB on 3880

I just discovered a stash of Harman Matt FB which I was given some time back. Is there a curve available which would work with this paper? My guess is Innova Fibaprint matte.

I haven’t personally printed on Harmon Matte FB paper, so can’t say what it’s closest to, but suggest trying a few curves for other matte papers. A custom curve will always give the best results for a specific printer/ink/paper combination.

Warmly~ Dana :slight_smile:

Thanks Dana. I’ll experiment with it.

Jeff, what I’d suggest doing, when you finally get all bits you need for your piezo system, is printing the 21x4 chart multiple times on a sheet using different curves and then measuring the linearity and seeing if any seem to work. As per my comment on Ilford papers in another thread, you may be surprised. In your efforts to fit as many 21x4 on the one page, just be careful not to print in the first or last 20mm of the page. And make sure to label them as you go along, as our old brains don’t retain as much as they used to, i.e. even less.

Thanks Brian. I’ll do that. I need some paper for a print swap so thought that this might just do. I have so many odds and sods of various papers lying around that I’d like to get rid of some of them. I made myself some label files for QTR profiling - Cool, Warm etc, very handy for old folks.

To close this thread, the Innova Smooth Cotton curve looks like a pretty good fit.