Creating new curve sets using linearization

Is it possible to create a curve for a non-profiled paper by using a curve for a similar one? For example, could I use the curves for baryta photographique, and execute the lineariztion procedures, printing the targets on baryta prestige, thereby generating a curve set for the new paper?

Short answer: Yes.

Elaboration of short answer: I do it all the time. You’d be surprised how close different papers can be. I expect it’s because they share the same coating. There aren’t that many people who actually coat papers, and legend has it that Felix Schoeller does a large proportion.

Slightly longer answer that I expect IJM will give: Buy (rent, actually) Piezography Pro Edition, that provides what is claimed as superior linearisation and curve creation tools.

Thanks Brian. I am using PiezoPro with the Tools.

I attempted to create a profile for Red River’s Aurora Art Natural. It’s not an expensive paper, so I haven’t put much effort into it, but I couldn’t find a paper profile similar enough that would relinearize with Roy’s tool. Relinearization failed. It would be interesting to see if PiezoPro and tools could do it.

But, as l said, it’s not worth going through much effort for the Aurora paper.