Creating icc with Colormunki


How good is the colormunki when used to create color profiles? I’m wondering if I can switch my 3880 to the P800 ink set and then create an icc profile for the few papers I use?


They are [I]ok[/I]. The sensor on the ColorMunki is actually very good however, the # of patches used with the colormunki software is not so much. (This is my own opinion as someone who has been building profiles for probably way too long.) In general, I think ColorMunki will satisfy 85% of those looking to build custom profiles.



Doesn’t the Argyll Color Management get around the # of patches issue? (It’s not very user friendly, but…)


Technically you can use Colormunki in patch mode, export as LAB data, and use any other profiling software to actually make the ICC.

Argyll is a bit [I]meh[/I] for quality in my testing though. It doesn’t do very advanced tonal smooth in the shadows . . .