Coupon Code not Working

I really don’t know where to post this. I just tried to use the coupon code for the 15% discount (the one advertised on this forum) to buy a complete set of carts w/syringes for the R3000. The reply from the web checkout page said that the code was invalid. Has the promotion expired? I decided not to place my order until I find out.


Now, it has disappeared. I was hoping to use it too. Oh well, back to full price.

And now it’s back again, after I paid full price.

I just tried the coupon code again. But, it is still not working. Am I doing something wrong? I applied the code on the check-out page, the same one that asks for zip code, to calculate shipping. I am wanting to make a purchase. But, I am waiting to find out what the deal is.

The coupon code is active, and only works with full sets of ink and/or cartridges. Please contact us if you continue having problems with this.

Yes, I have been trying to get the R3000 cartridge set with syringes (SKU#: RCS-R3000-KIT). But, your website keeps telling me that the coupon code is invalid.

No answer to my last post. I’d like to use this coupon code, before it expires.

You will need to contact Sales, I do any more about coupon codes thru tech support. I had alerted sales of your issue after reading your first post, so they checked the code and made sure it’s working (and it is).
Please write to, and either Jon or Wells can help process your order with the coupon.

Thanks~ Dana :slight_smile: