Cost of printing


Does anybody have any advice on on how to calculate cost of printing with the ConeColor K3 inkset?

I’m helping a friend self-publish his book with my 3800 and we’re basically printing 11x17 pages of heavyweight matte paper, with a thin border so the photographs take most of the paper area. The paper is Inkpress matte duo 80 if that matters.

I tried searching the forum to see if this was discussed already but it returned random results.

Ask me if I left any important details out!


On the 3800, I believe you can go into the printer menu and print a usage report that gives you the exact mL count (to a hundredth of an ML) per channel for the previous 10 prints.

Take the cost of the bottle, figure out the mL price, and multiple that by the mL used per print and there you have it.



Perfect I’ll check it out tonight.

Thank you!