Correct screw driver for Epson phillips or JIS

Hello Walker,

Quick question for the damper replacement on a 9890 are the screws inside the printer U.S. Phillips standard sizes or are they the Japanese JIS - Japanese Industrial Standard? how long a shaft do you need to get to all the screws 10-12 inches.

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John H

for exact confirmation look at the maintenance manual. It has the exact screw dimensions.

A US #1 and #2 long-neck magnetized screw driver works for me but I’m pretty sure the exact screws dimensions are Japanese.


Walker, Thank you for the quick reply. I will take a look in the manual to confirm.


Walker, The manual actually states Phillips #1 and # 2 screw drivers.
Chapter 4 disassembly and assembly 4.1.3 page 96

Hope that is helpful to others with the same question!


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The Phillips #1 screw driver in the long shank length are tough to find in stock at the local tool stores. I found a great deal at Graingers online for a Stanley 10 inch shank #1 Phillips head for $4.42 ordered it and picked its up at my local Grangers store. The best part is it is made in the U.S.A and is a very nice screw driver!!! Actually I bought 2 and a extra #2 just to work on the Epson printers. Hope this helps anyone looking for the #1 Phillips screw driver now to change the Damper unit!

From Grangers online catalog:

Screwdriver, Phillips, #1x10", Round
Item # 6C242