"Correct cartridge" error and billing query

Greetings! Very excited to finally get up and running with Piezography. Thanks for being here. :slight_smile:

I have two issues:

(1) After filling nine new cartridges for my 3880, the printer responded with the “please install the correct cartridge” error for slot 8/VLM. The eight others are recognized as expected. I have:

[li]Verified that the refillable cart’s chip is designated 3880 VLM,
[/li][li]Returned the Epson chip to the Epson cart and verified that the printer recognized it,
[/li][li]Compared the three pins on the new cart’s chip against others that the printer recognizes, and they look the same,
[/li][li]Compared how the Epson chip sits in the refillable cart, which appears to be the same,
[/li][li]Noted that the refillable cart’s chip sits loosely in the cart (where the circuit board assembly will push down about twice as far as the other refillable cart chips, although it does not sit noticeably proud of the cart itself), and slid a thin shim to hold it closer to the cart, and
[/li][li]Attempted about a dozen different little pushes and nudges before reinserting into the printer, none of which worked.
The cart came in a brown box; the VLM box is marked “RCS-38XX-80-VLM AUG 2016”.

(2) In the same order, I requested (and paid for) four boxes of paper. It appears that I was refunded for all four boxes on the day that the order shipped, likely due to being out of stock or no longer something you carry. That’s fine. I did, however, receive one box of the paper, which I don’t think I’ve paid for. I’d be happy to contact sales about this, as I do want to place an order for more paper (especially since your fulfillment folks properly protect paper for shipment!), but I thought I’d bring it up here since you’ll likely be looking at my order anyhow.

Let me know if I can provide more info!