Cool colour tone when mixing OEM cartridges and ConeColor Inks. I'm also experiencing leakages with your plastic cartridges

Hi there,

Colour Shift Issue
I’m still transitioning my OEM cartridges and currently my printer uses a mixed set. For ConeColor Inks, I have Light Cyan, Vivid Light Magenta, Light Light Black, and Cyan. I attached an image showing the colour shift issue I’m noticing. The bottom row shows images printed with only OEM cartridges. The top row shows images printed with my mixed set. I believe everything shifted to become more blue in the midtones. Is this expected? Will the issue be resolved once I use only ConeColor Pigment inks or do I need to have a custom colour profile built?

These are the paper types I used. Do you build custom colour profiles for these papers?

Leaky Cartridges
Additionally, I have noticed that the cartridges for Vivid Light Magenta and Light Light Black are leaking at the bottom. Thankfully, there is a catch tray underneath. However, about 30ml of both the Vivid Light Magenta and Light Light Black ink has been wasted. To temporarily resolve this issue I have applied duct tape to the bottom of both cartridges.

Is it possible to send a replacement for both leaky cartridges and some replacement ink?


We can build custom profiles (we officially only support Epson paper/profiles or our own third-party profiles). Mixing OEM/ConeColor and third party paper/profiles is not going to necessarily work as an official color workflow. I suggest the custom profile route. We have supported literally thousands of people this way.

VLM and LLK carts + 110mL ink bottles coming to you asap.


Thank you so much for your help Walker. What is the process to get those custom profiles built once I swap to only ConeColor inks?



The link I shared in my last post has the full process written in the product description.


Sorry didn’t see that link. Thank you @IJM_TechSupport!