Converting from ConeColor HD Blacks

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[B]Converting to CCP-HD Blacks[/B]

Q1: The info I was reading on the InkjetMall site said to run a complete ink fill to purge old blacks. This would purge & refill all colors. Why not just switch from one black to the other and back? That should clear both black lines without wasting a complete charge of the other inks, correct?

Q2: I understand the site to say no re-profiling is necessary for PK. If it’s a higher density black, I would think all color intensities that involve a black component would also change, thus requiring re-profiling. Is it true that the PK HD does not require new profiles?

  1. I suggest simply doing a purge print of the PK line. You can do this using quadtonerip, instructions here:

  2. Re-profiling for PK-HD is optional and based on the exactitude and requirements of the person using the printer and ink. We spent many months making the new PK ink act just like its older relative in amounts from 0%-85%. It only gets really dark between 85% and 100% PK ink printing. So for most shadow areas, the PK ink will be fine, however, for your particular requirements you may need a custom profile. I suggest doing the purge and then doing some test prints.