Constant Air Clogs - Epson 3800

My printer is constantly gets air clogs. I claim its air clogs because the nozzles are fixed and fires normally after running an auto nozzle check. However after sitting overnight, the first print has posterization and I run another auto nozzle check dance that clears it and prints normally.

I’ve checked the carts for air bubbles, tapping them a bit to settle any to the top, making sure they are firmly installed but the air clogs continue. I’m considering adding O-rings to the air inlet in the carts.

Dampers perhaps? I do have plans to replace the whole damper assembly but would like to know the root cause as well for self enrichment.

Last, I’ve ordered 3800 specific Magenta and Light Magenta carts but the carts I’ve received and using are labeled VM and VLM, both of which are for the 3880. They shouldn’t fit according to some reading here on the forum.

Thank you in advance

If you experience clogs on printer rest this is often associated with a dirty capping pad. Essentially it is not sealing the print-head enough when it’s in a resting position and the air contacting the nozzles is drying the ink out there. Clean the capping (resting) pad of any debris or fiber/hair and you should be good.

Secondly, I can’t over-emphasize humidity enough. It should be 35% to 60% relative humidity. Nothing lower than 35%. Less than 35 will give you dried out heads every morning.


Related to VM/VLM please post a photo of the top control chips if you would. They will say if they are VLM or just LM, etc. There could have been a mix-up when the order was picked and packed in our warehouse in which case we’ll get you out replacement control chips ASAP (the control chips are the only things needed for replacement, the carts themselves are universal).




I saw the 3880 VLM/VM on the chips and the VLM/VM on the carts before and figured
they are interchangeable. with the 3880. Maybe even an upgrade. I added tape on the chips on the end like a post in the forum suggested since they sometimes snag on removal.

I’m here in Texas where Humidity is usually the problem. Is there a way to make sure the print head is capped properly? I’ve looked through the Epson Service manual and didn’t see anything for an alignment or seal check. Recently I’ve performed the usual capping station flush/wipe/clean and gone over with a tweezer to remove any debris or fiber in the area.

I’ll add capping station on the replace list if its no longer sealing properly.

Thank you

Just to confirm. Are the VM and VLM carts being recognized in your printer? If so, then something is working that probably shouldn’t be. But if not, we’ll get you proper control chips ASAP.

As long as the capping station is clean it should work although I recommend the HDx VM ink on your next purchase. It is and upgrade.

Yes they work no errors. My concern was compatibility. If you think as long as they are recognized they are fine, then I agree no replacement chips needed. Maybe the control chips are the same between 3800/3880 and the oem chips placed under makes the difference. The control chips main purpose is to auto reset and show full carts correct?

Yep. That is correct.