Considering Changing from InkThrift to ConeColor

We are considering transitioning to ConeColor Ink from InkThrift as our usage is changing from temporary art to items that may hang for more than 30 days. Our original intent was for short term graphics, but many items have been repurposed for longer term use. Most of this usage is inside, but are in brightly lit areas. Some areas have direct exposure to sunlight, while others have bright overhead florescent lighting.

What is the guidance and process for making this switch? What supplies do I need to purchase? We are nearing the end of our current InkThrift supply, thus a good time to transition.



Hi John~

To switch from InkThrift dye to ConeColor pigment inks, you can simply install a set of ConeColor cartridges and do an initial fill cycle to purge dye and get pigment ink from cartridges to the print head. Initial fill procedures can be found here:

Please let me know if you have further questions, or there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

Would running a flush kit produce any better result worth the extra effort?

Since you are using a pro model printer (7900/9900), the only flushing option would be to install a set of carts filled with PiezoFlush and do an initial fill to purge InkThrift dye inks, then install a set of carts filled with ConeColor inks and do another initial fill cycle to purge flush fluid and get the pigment inks from carts to print head. This can be good for flushing out the internal ink system (ink lines, dampers + print head), but isn’t necessary when switching from our dye to pigment color inks (or vice versa), though a few additional cleaning cycles may be needed if you don’t use flush carts between the two inks.
The flush carts can be saved and reused in the future if you ever need to flush your printer, or want to safely sore it if you plan to not use it for a while.

Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile: